OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Ozone Alert Day has been declared for Wednesday, June 7.

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality projects that Wednesday’s conditions in Central Oklahoma will be favorable for higher than healthy levels of ozone air pollution.

Ozone pollution poses a health risk to all Oklahomans, but is especially dangerous at higher levels for people with lung diseases, children, older adults and people who are active outdoors.

Unhealthy levels of ozone can lead to a variety of problems such as respiratory system irritation, aggravated asthma, decreased lung function, increased susceptibility to infection, coughing or difficult breathing, and permanent lung damage. These symptoms are worsened by exercise and heavy activity.

On Ozone Alert Days, people at risk from ozone pollution are encouraged to take precautions such as avoiding outdoor exertion and staying indoors.

All Oklahomans are encouraged to reduce ozone-forming emissions by:

  • Delaying gas-powered lawn mowing and landscape maintenance
  • Avoiding outdoor burning
  • Avoiding use of VOC chemicals or paints
  • Reducing vehicle use (such as carpooling or public transportation)
Image courtesy Association of Central Oklahoma Governments.

This is the second Ozone Alert Day of 2023.

You can sign up for Ozone alerts from the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments by texting ‘OZONE’ to 43172.