OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A growing number of Oklahomans are worried about possible legal trouble over getting a title for their car. Right now, some are having to wait weeks to get a title; and the state cites a paper shortage for the delay.

Edmond resident Lu Phillips said he’s shocked that a paper shortage is holding up his car title application, and hopes he won’t face any legal problems while he waits for it.

“They said we have just ourselves figured out that the state isn’t issuing titles because they ran out of paper for the titles, which sounded funny,” Phillips said.

That’s not the answer he expected when he visited a local tag agency Thursday morning.

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Oklahoma Tax Commission, image KFOR

He just sold a Ford Mustang to an Edmond family but has yet to receive the car title he applied for on May 20. He said the representative at the tag agency told him it will take 12 weeks to get one because they’re running out of title paper.

“It seems to me like anybody who’s finding themselves in this situation is in legal jeopardy, right?” Phillips asked. “So, the state created a situation where you can’t get the title, therefore you can’t get the tag. If you can’t get the tag, you get pulled over, have an accident, anything like that, you have a state-level issue like a legal jeopardy issue. So, this seemed pretty ridiculous to me.”

KFOR reached out to the Oklahoma Tax Commission about Phillips’ concerns, and a spokeswoman sent the following:

“The Oklahoma Tax Commission has implemented a priority print schedule in an effort to pre-empt any title shortages due to supply chain issues later this year. Most titles are printing 8-12 weeks after the application for title is processed. By delaying printing of titles that are not needed immediately, we can ensure title stock is available for transactions which require titles such as title transfers. Our goal is to ensure that any title that is needed to conduct a transaction can be printed within our current statutory requirements.

Applications for title are being processed in real time and the information is being recorded in the OTC database. When titling a vehicle, you will immediately receive a Certificate of Registration. This document is already required to be in their vehicle to assert ownership. Hard copies of titles are only needed to transfer title to another entity or to register the vehicle out of state.”

Oklahoma Tax Commission Spokeswoman

Those that wish to request an expedited car title may apply on the Oklahoma Tax Commission website by clicking “Where’s My Title?”.