EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — An Edmond couple has been arrested for child neglect after a woman found their three-year-old son wandering through a neighborhood, according to police.

The woman was walking her dog in Apple Village Mobile Home Community when she spotted the young boy.

“His diaper’s down to his knees,” said the woman, in a 911 call.  “I tried to grab him because I don’t want him to get hit by a car. He keeps trying to run away.”

Apple Village Mobile Home Community. (KFOR)

When officers arrived they were able to track down the boys parents, Bryan and Brittany Bridges.

“They both had been asleep,” said Emily Ward, spokesperson for the Edmond Police Department. “They didn’t realize he was outside.”

Video from the responding officer’s body camera showed, police walking up the front porch of the home and discovering drug paraphernalia in plan sight. The officer then knocked on the front door and Bryan Bridges walked outside.

“Is there a reason why your son is running around in a disgusting diaper?” said the officer. “Who knows how long he’s been running around right now?”

The officer asked if Bridges was high, and he responded “no.” He then asked Brittany if she had smoked marijuana.

“Yeah, I have my medical card,” said Brittany.

Officers checked inside the home and were startled when they spotted a duck in the hall bathtub.

“It’s my roommates,” said Brittany. “I didn’t know he left.”

image of duck found in bathtub
Duck was found inside the home of Bryan and Brittany Bridges in Edmond during a search of the property. Image courtesy Edmond Police.

The officer then noticed something floating in the water.

“Is that a dead duck in there?” said police.

Brittany responded and said “yeah, I’ll have to deal with that in just a minute.”

image of couple getting into police car
Bryan and Brittany Bridges. Image courtesy Edmond Police.

Officers also found more marijuana throughout the home that was within reach of small children. “It seems like it’s more than just you (Brittany) smoking marijuana,” said the officer.

Police took the parents to jail. They face a child neglect charge. DHS was called and the child was placed with a family member.