MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Hours after the an active shooter incident on the campus of Rose State College, many parents are concerned about the return to campus.

Once news of an active shooter on the campus spread, many parents to the college immediate to check on their kids, including Aaron Radcliff and and Candie Moore-Radcliff.

“I answered the phone and I knew something was up,” said Candie, recounting a call with her son Coy several minutes after the campus went on lockdown.

“Even though it may not have been safe for us, our priority was to make him safe and to get him out,” she and her husband added.

Coy said he was on his way to class when the shooting occurred.

In an interview Monday with KFOR, he said he was standing just feet from where the victim fell.

The man has since been identified as 20-year-old RJ Long.

“The guy who got shot fell over, the girl she was screaming, another guy was kind of freaking out,” he said, saying he knew once the man had been shot that there was little he could do besides find safety.

But finding a safe place to hide would prove challenging for Coy.

“They had just locked the doors. I knocked on the door and the guy came up [and said] there was a shooting. I can’t let you in.”

Finding other locked doors, Coy said he made his way outside, and encouraged other students who were also stuck hiding in plain sight to move to safety as well.

“I had to across the street where luckily a lady let us in,” he added.

Law enforcement said the shooting on the campus of Rose State College appeared to be “domestic-related.”

While grateful that the incident appeared to be isolated, Coy’s parents were shocked at the response.

“I want to thank all the police officers and law enforcement that showed up as quickly as they did,” said his dad Aaron.

“I was like, Don’t get off the phone with me. Don’t get off the phone with me,” added his mother Candie.

“The kids not knowing where to go and being left to their own devices is very scary [and] after your 19-year-old just went through the most devastating moment in your life, you can’t promise him is going to be safe,” she added.

In a statement late Monday to KFOR, Rose State said they relied on their Rose Alert system to notify students.

“As the campus community became aware of the incident this afternoon, the student body, faculty and staff were alerted to shelter in place through the Rose Alert system. They received additional instruction to continue to shelter in place until the lockdown had ended. For many on campus, sheltering in place included staying in the buildings where they were located and locking doors to protect those inside respective classrooms and offices. The response taught on campus enables students and personnel to make life-saving decisions based on their unique situations at the time of lockdown.”

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