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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Visitors to a popular food hall in Oklahoma City now have two new options for delicious food.

Oh My Gogi! and Just Put an Egg on It are the two newest restaurants located in Parlor.

Oh My Gogi! features simple but delicious bites that are anchored by their famous bulgogi; Korean BBQ steak or chicken marinated and grilled.

It is available in Baja-style tacos, rice bowls with greens and spicy mayo, and OMG’s ‘lunch box,’ a lunch box-style tray complete with rice, salad, and a dumpling.

Oh My Gogi! opened inside Parlor in August on the second floor.

Another new restaurant is Just Put an Egg on It.

“Cooking at home for friends and family is what has made me want to open my own place,” Chef and owner Irese Harris said. “The freedom of coming up with dishes or putting a new spin on something I have made for years puts me in a happy place.”

The menu features fried egg-topped entrees like the BELT, a Steak Bowl, or a Brunchos.

The Corned Beef and Kimchi bowl brings an adventurous twist to the menu with a potato waffle, spicy mayo, tangy kimchi, and flavorful corned beef, along with a fried egg.

Just Put an Egg on It opened in August on the second floor.

The current lineup of restaurants includes Providence Pizzeria Co., Rays Chicken Kitchen, Oh My Gogi!, Pachinko Parlor, MOB Grill, Bad Nonna’s, and Just Put an Egg on It.