OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A local pastor’s plan to help sick and homeless community members around her church is coming to fruition after another local church stepped in and donated their gym for a shelter.

A donated gym is going to be a temporary facility for now at Wildewood Christian Church in northeast Oklahoma City. They need volunteers to help these people in need.

“It’s wonderful,” said Sandy Lynn Patton, the pastor of WWJD Westlawn Church and starter of this project to help the homeless. “It’s perfect.”

It’s a blessing for Patton and those she’s attempting to help.

“We want you off the street sick,” Patton said.

Rewind to the middle of this week. We told you the story of Patton’s project to help the sick and homeless population around her church. It’s a community she said she knows well. Patton even said she believes there are about 100 sick people out in tents with the flu, COVID-19 or worse out in the cold weather in that area.

“They report to me. They’ve had a fever for about three days with chills. Sometimes they have nausea and vomiting and diarrhea,” Patton said. “It’s just so cold. I’m afraid they’re going to get sicker out here or maybe even die.”

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WWJD Westlawn Church

The main problems they originally faced were a church of their own being too small with a staff also recovering from illness and homeless shelters being packed. However, just days later her plan is coming to fruition with Derrick Scobey, senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, stepping up and donating cots and food.

“We just want to help in any way that we can,” Scobey said at the time of the donation.

“I’m still wiping tears from my eyes,” Patton said at the time of the donation. “You know, this is wonderful.”

Now, a full facility has been donated by Pastor Dwayne Rodgers at Wildewood Christian Church in northeast Oklahoma City. They donated their church’s gym for a shelter.

“I wrestled all night with excitement because I knew that we have the facilities that we could do some great things,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said that after he saw KFOR’s first couple of stories on the situation, he knew he needed to make the call.

“This is an excellent opportunity to challenge our congregation, but also to be faithful to scripture and to help those who are the least among us,” Rodgers said.

According to Rodgers, they have made some renovations to their kitchen, restrooms and heating and HVAC systems. This made him feel like it would be a perfect fit. Now, Patton said it’s just a matter of finding volunteers to help put everything in place.

“Pray for me and pray for those coordinating with me, number one,” Patton said. “We can’t do anything without God’s help.”

Right now, they still need assistance with transportation, clothing, blankets, donations and finding people who need the help they’re providing. The YMCA parking lot on 4th Street is being used as a gathering place for all involved.

If you’re interested in helping, Pastor Patton wants you to call her at (405) 716-0881.