PAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – There are now three baby bison at Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum!

The first baby was born in mid-April. The second was born in early May. The third is only a few hours old!

Pawnee Bill Ranch & Museum 3rd baby bison, Image courtesy Oklahoma Historical Society

Visitors at Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum can drive through the pasture, which is home to a herd of bison, longhorn and several draft horses. You may see the animals, including the bison calves, grazing. The Pawnee Bill Ranch also proudly re-creates Pawnee Bill’s Original Wild West Show each year.

According to the website visitors can tour Pawnee Bill and his wife May’s fourteen-room mansion, fully furnished with their original belongings. The ranch property also houses a museum with exhibits related to Pawnee Bill, Wild West Shows, and the Pawnee tribe. The 500-acre grounds include the original ranch blacksmith shop, a 1903 log cabin, a large barn built in 1926, and an Indian Flower Shrine—all available to the public.

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