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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – On the first day the Oklahoma City-County Health Department opened up sign ups for its first Phase 2 vaccine clinic, many who tried to get a spot came away with disappointment and frustration.

The OCCHD will have its first vaccine clinic for people 65 and older Thursday.

At 9 a.m. on Tuesday, the website allowing people 65 and over to sign up became active.

Less than five minutes later, all 800 of the spots available online were full.

Dismaying for many, but a number of those who tried to sign up could not even navigate to that point.

“I think the elderly are just tired,” said 80-year-old Jean Riggs.  

She is one of those desperate for the vaccine, afraid to leave her home since the beginning of the pandemic.

“I don’t know when I’m going to die,” Riggs said. “So I don’t want to stay here. I want to get out.”

Tuesday morning, she tried to figure out how to get one of the coveted spots.

She tried to find it online, but could not navigate to the right place.

“I tried to get on the web and there was nothing I could find on there,” Riggs said. “I could not find anything about a vaccine. I could get the flu shot, if I had a borne food thing I could contact them. There was nothing about covid vaccine.”

When she tried to speak to someone on the hotline, she was left on hold until long after the vaccine slot had filled.

“All I got was music,” she said. “I guess that’s to calm me, I don’t know, because they did not ever come on the line.”

Officials with the OCCHD said they can’t plan further in advance than a week because they have to wait each week to know how many doses they will have to distribute.

This week, in addition to the vaccines already going to hospitals, OCCHD only had about 2,000 left to distribute.

Of those, 1,200 were set aside for the 65 and older clinic on Thursday. There were 800 slots available for sign up online, and 400 that people could set up with telephone operators on the hotline.

Officials said as soon as they learn how many vaccines they will receive, they will figure out the best way to dole them out.

“We are still working through phase one folks and now folks in phase two so there’s a lot of people that we need to get through,” Fleming said.

On Thursday, the Oklahoma State Health Department online portal for other vaccine sites will go online.

Riggs said she hopes there will be more help for people like her, who struggle with computers and the internet in general.

“I don’t know computers,” she said. “The only thing I do on a computer is play games so I don’t know what all of this is.”