MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) — A sign warning others to be on the lookout for snakes has been removed from a Mustang dog park, but pet owners are still worried.

“I was shocked because we come out here often,” said Tyreek Washington.

Washington said he brings his dogs to the Mustang dog park all the time.

That’s why he was so surprised to find out copperhead snakes had reportedly been spotted at the place he and his pets frequently visit.

“We come out here almost every day,” said Washington.

The sign was posted as a warning to other pet owners to be on the lookout for snakes at Mustang Wild Horse dog park.

“Our dogs are our babies so we wanna make sure that they’re safe,” stated Washington.

State wildlife officials said these sightings are not uncommon this time of the year.

“This is the time of the year that snakes are most active, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a snake just about anywhere in Oklahoma,” said Micah Holmes with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

They said while copperheads are venomous, they will leave you alone if you keep your distance.

“That snake wants to ger away from you, it wants to get away from your dog,” added Holmes.

An important lesson for Tyreek and his three dogs.

“Our dog’s safety is our priority of course we’re gonna be on the lookout,” added Washington.

State officials also said the best way to keep snakes away is to keep your lawn mowed, remove brush piles and keep pet food inside. The food attracts mice, which in turn attracts snakes.