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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One group trying to put recreational marijuana legalization on a future ballot is having their petition challenged in court.

The group Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action recently filed a citizen initiative petition to legalize recreational marijuana. An incarcerated individual, Paul Tay, is challenging the constitutionality of their proposal.

“We believe that we have a really strong case,” ORCA Director Jed Green said. “[The man filing this challenge] wants attention…this is the second time that he’s done this.”

Green says the challenge is what he calls a shotgun challenge, going after multiple points and seeing if any of them stick.

“We don’t believe that a lot of it is really pertinent,” he said.

One of the challenges claims that all signatures on Indian territory would be invalid due to McGirt v. Oklahoma.

“The McGirt stuff is really kind of out of left field,” Green said.

Green says they’re still confident they can get past this challenge and get the roughly 178,000 signatures required to put their petition on the state ballot. He says they haven’t had many outspoken opponents yet.

“I think that everyone is a looking to see if we get ballot access and then they’ll figure out what they might do from there as a no campaign,” he said.

That doesn’t mean everyone in the state unanimously supports it.

Ambrosia Treatment Center Outreach Coordinator Stephanie Morcom says citizens should seriously consider if this is the right decision if it were to make it to state question.

“The last week I put three or four people in treatment for marijuana and they all have a psychotic break,” she said. “People need to research it, be educated about it, and really think about it before they just vote yes.”

The two sides will present their cases on Dec. 14th, and that will decide if this petition can continue.