OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A cross-country truck driver was shot and killed by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper nearly a month ago, but the family said the state agency has been reluctant to give them much information.

In late September, 28-year-old Alejandro Faudoa was killed on the Turner Turnpike by the Stroud Toll Plaza by an OHP Trooper.

Alejandro Fuadoa and his mother, Livier Quirino Ramirez. Photo courtesy: Livier Quirino Ramirez.

Most of his family lives in Mexico, but his mom, Livier Quirino Ramirez is in Oklahoma this week to retrieve his body and get answers as to why her son was shot.

“I’m thinking they’re hiding something,” she said through a translator. “What I really don’t understand is there is no explanation why some person came and shot my son. It’s a strange situation.”

Last week, Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokesperson, Sarah Stewart told KFOR, “The investigating trooper also made contact with a woman who said she was the subject’s cousin. The trooper was given a family contact number but it is an international number and he said he’s tried it several times and not been able to get in touch with anyone. The people he has been in contact with have been given basic information about the situation. We won’t be able to give any more detailed information to family until the investigation is complete.”

Ramirez’s translator who asked News 4 keep his identity a secret for fear of retaliation from law enforcement said he spoke with the investigating trooper on Monday.

He claims to have been told no weapons were found in Faudoa’s truck.

He did say the investigating trooper told him they found 88 pounds of cocaine in the truck 24 hours after the shooting. He said the trooper told him the cocaine was found underneath Faudoa’s seat and in the side panels.

“If they prove to me with camera [footage] they found something in my son’s truck, like drugs or guns, I will accept that, but then my son should have been in jail, not dead,” stated Ramirez.

News 4 emailed Stewart on Tuesday to confirm what Ramirez and her translator shared about the shooting, but Stewart said there is no further information the agency will share at this time.

Ramirez’s translator went on to say the investigating trooper said Faudoa was pulled over and his paper plates were logged into the system. From there, Faudoa’s criminal record pulled up, but the only crime he committed is from 13 years ago, according to the translator.

The translator added the trooper then found out Faudoa didn’t have the proper licensing to drive the truck he was in, so the trooper asked to search it and Faudoa said no.

A K-9 unit was called to the scene, said Ramirez’s translator, but the two got into an altercation before other troopers arrived.

The translator claims Faudoa reached for something in his driver side door panel and that’s when the trooper fired his weapon.

Ramirez provided News 4 with photos of Faudoa’s body. The pictures show he was shot eight times.

Faudoa was shot twice in the right arm, once in his right index finger, once in his right middle finger, and four times in his torso.

Ramirez believes the shots to Faudoa’s torso struck his heart and ultimately killed him.

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“He doesn’t have to be shot [because of cocaine]. The protocol for them is to just put him in handcuffs, bring him to the judge, and the judge decide what will happen with him,” said Ramirez’s translator. “He doesn’t have the right to be dead for no reason.”

“They didn’t just take his life. They took our life.”

Livier Quirino Ramirez, Alejandro Fauduo’s mom

She told News 4 she has spoken with several lawyers, all of whom tell her she has a strong case. However, she doesn’t want to sue OHP and said she doesn’t want financial gain from her son’s death. She said she wants the truth to come out.

Ramirez explained if her son did something wrong or illegal, she will accept it when proof is provided. For now, she believes her son is innocent.

“I know he’s here with me. I’m always talking about how much I love him and he knows it,” said Ramirez with tears in her eyes.

News 4 has requested dash camera footage of the shooting. Stewart confirms such footage exists, but couldn’t say when it would be available to the media.