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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A decision was made on plans to build a new apartment complex in Edmond.

The project has led to residents spear-heading a petition against it, but the developers sued opponents saying they tricked people into signing.

On Wednesday, a judge ruled in favor of the residents.

“Even if the court had admitted every single bit of evidence that they wanted to provide, the fact of the matter is that the evidence was insufficient,” said A.J. Ferate, attorney for petitioners.

“We’re just thrilled at the judge’s ruling today,” said Edmond resident Lydia Lee.

A group of Edmond residents is celebrating as building plans for a new apartment complex near I-35 and Memorial Rd. will now be on a ballot.

Since May, over 100 volunteers have been working to bring the decision to a vote. In all, they gathered 4,300 signatures when they only needed 2,700.

But just days before the election, an attorney for the developers filed a lawsuit, arguing some residents signed the petition, believing it was about a development previously planned near Edmond’s Hafer Park.

“They were trying to litigate politics here. And the fact of the matter is, is it doesn’t matter whether you have three, four or 56 different initiatives standing next to each other, it’s OK to have those signed. And that’s what they’re upset about is they were looking for something to try to hang their hat on and they weren’t successful today,” Ferate said.

The project is set to be a 300-unit apartment complex by Case and Associates, out of Tulsa.

In court on Wednesday, an attorney for Case and Associates took aim at the petition, saying it’s “disturbing the way that it was marketed.”

But the judge said not enough evidence was shown and ruled in favor of the petitioners saying, “Voters of Edmond should be respected.”

“And so our momentum kind of got slowed down, but we’re going to do it and we did it the right way. There was no corruption, and that’s very insulting that it was even alleged. There’s no law that says we can’t work together, and we’ll continue to work together,” said Edmond resident Paula Burkes.

“And we’d really like to encourage everyone when this gets to be on the ballot, we encourage everyone to come out and vote what they want, which is best for Edmond,” said Edmond resident Chip Moles.

KFOR has attempted to contact attorneys for Case and Associates but so far has yet to hear back.