OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Drivers along a popular turnpike will soon no longer need to stop to pay a toll.

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority Board approved a $500,000 construction contract to purchase tolling equipment for the Turner Turnpike.

That equipment will convert the Turner Turnpike to PlatePay.

PlatePay cameras photograph a vehicle’s license plate, which enables the authority to send the owner of the vehicle an invoice in the mail.

“We’ve got four turnpikes waiting to convert to PlatePay and while the conversion dates have not been set, purchasing the equipment needed provides efficiencies in both time and cost to our crews,” said Secretary of Transportation and OTA Executive Director Tim Gatz.

The OTA plans to have all Oklahoma toll roads converted to PlatePay by the end of 2024.

Board members also approved raising the speed limit from 75 miles per hour to 80 miles per hour on select portions of the H.E. Bailey, Cimarron and Muskogee turnpikes.

The speed limit changes will go into effect after cable barriers are installed, and PlatePay is in effect.