OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A new podcast called ‘Chasing Evil’ released an episode Wednesday that features stories never heard from first responders during the Oklahoma City bombing.

There are some days in American history that will live in infamy. One of those days took place in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995.

Christopher Godsick, Creator of Chasing Evil

“It still feels like it was yesterday and sometimes it feels like it was 100 years ago,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Chuck McNeil told KFOR.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Chuck McNeil spoke with KFOR Wednesday. {KFOR}

McNeil has never told his side of the story before, but he broke his silence on the podcast. He details the moments he heard the explosion and ran over to find several people killed. In total, the number killed would be 168.

“I just remember the first person I found was a soldier, a recruiter and he was severely injured. We got him and took him to a safe place to get help, and luckily, he survived,” said McNeil. “But eventually we would get to another level of the debris and that’s where we found the daycare where all of the kids had died.”

McNeil was also the one to take charge of the bomber Timothy McVeigh. He would remain side-by-side with McVeigh for quite some time, listening to what he had to say.

“He had asked me if I served in the military and said ‘thank you for your service,’ he said, ‘I was in the army too.’ Then he said something to the effect of we’ve got to take this country back.”

Chuck Mcneil on Chasing Evil
A quick preview of Chasing Evil’s episode The Oklahoma City Bombing.

“Imagine that,” said the Creator of the podcast Chasing Evil Chris Godsick. “There were certainly a lot of people in Oklahoma that wanted to do Timothy McVeigh harm and it was up to Chuck to protect McVeigh.”

In the episode, McNeil described how he was told to hold back from any complications or fights that might occur with McVeigh and to not discuss the bombing.

Because it would used in court. So we never discussed the bombing itself.

Chuck Mcneil on Chasing Evil

The episode breaks down Noble County Sheriff Charlie Hanger’s experience. At the time of the bombing, he was working for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and would be the one to conduct a traffic stop on McVeigh, leading to his arrest.

Tim McVeigh says ‘I have a weapon.’ I grabbed the bulge on the outside of his jacket. I drew my weapon and stuck it to the back of his head.

Charlie Hanger, Noble County Sheriff
A clip from Charlie Hanger’s dashboard camera when he pulled over Timothy McVeigh. {KFOR}

McNeil said that he is one of the only ones still on the force that was there that day, pulling people from the rubble. He said he is expected to retire near the end of September.

“There were days especially that were so hard that I just didn’t want to come to work,” said McNeil. “I stayed for those who were killed that day.”

McNeil discussed his friendship with an agent that was killed during the bombing, Kenneth McCullough.

“Yeah, every day I parked next to Kenny and I would wave,” said McNeil. “I was out with Kenny who was a DEA Agent, until like two in the morning. I got up and I had ended up with the DEA radio so I got up around eight in the morning and took the radio up to DEA. What I didn’t know was about fifteen minutes after I walked out of the building Kenny had walked up there and he was killed in the bombing.”

Kenneth Glenn McCullough was one of 168 killed during the bombing. {KFOR}

Creator Chris Godsick said that his podcast focuses on people like McNeil, law enforcement who have never felt comfortable sharing their stories on record until now.

“What I’ve tried to do is create a circumstance where they can feel free to express themselves,” said Godsick.

Chasing Evil is a different project for Godsick, who is a two-time Emmy award-winning Producer and is known for projects such as Veep, Face/Off, Broken Arrow, and Shazam!.

“There are so many cases that I think are so interesting and we only hear a quick snippet of it in the media and then move on. I thought if there’s an opportunity to dive deep and get active duty law enforcement to speak like we’re at dinner. To give a much more casual and much more emotional response would really bring a whole new story to life,” said Godsick.

Other episodes within Chasing Evil include one about Ruby Ridge, the site of an 11-day siege in 1992 in Boundary, County Idaho. Another involves a recounting of the deadly rampage seen from Paul Devoe, who killed six people in 2007.

A look at the latest episode of Chasing Evil. {KFOR, Chasing Evil, Chris Godsick}

In the Oklahoma City Bombing episode of Chasing Evil, Godsick also interviewed U.S. Marshal Johnny Kuhlman, who was an OKC Police Department Lieutenant assigned to the robbery unit at the time and eventually was put in charge of the morgue.

Finally, on the episode were stories from Noble County Sheriff Charlie Hanger, who was an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman that day.

Hanger was the officer who would eventually conduct a traffic stop on McVeigh and arrest him.

Tim McVeigh says, ‘I have a weapon.’ I grabbed the bulge on the outside of this jacket. I drew my weapon and stuck it to the back of his head.

Charlie Hanger in Chasing Evil

McNeil just hopes that by telling his story that the younger generation will know the impact of that day.

“I’ve got four grandkids now and if it hadn’t been for me and them being a part of my family I don’t know if they’d know,” said McNeil.

He told KFOR that he is set to leave law enforcement by the end of September.

“I’ve worked for the government for over 40 years,” said McNeil. “It’s been a great career. I have absolutely no regrets. I’ve lost a lot of good friends over the years but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Chasing Evil can be listened to on Apple Podcasts or almost anywhere you get your podcasts.

Godsick said that they have a lot more episodes planned and even one about Daniel Johnson, a Bethany man killed in 2018 during a shootout with U.S. Marshals after being on the run for more than a year. He had originally been indicted in a counterfeiting conspiracy.

If you are interested in subscribing or following along with Chasing Evil, they also have a website you can check out.