OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – More than a month after a deadly shootout at a bar, authorities say they have made 10 other arrests.

Homicide investigators say more than a dozen people have been arrested in connection to a triple homicide at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon.

Around 9 p.m. on April 1, Oklahoma City police and paramedics were called to a shooting at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon, located in the 4000 block of Newcastle Rd.

When officers arrived, they found multiple people suffering from gunshot wounds.

Whiskey Barrel Saloon shooting scene
Whiskey Barrel Saloon shooting scene

Investigators learned that an altercation broke out inside of the bar between biker gangs. It escalated into numerous people exchanging gunfire.

As a result of the shootout, three people were killed and several others were wounded.

Officials identified the deceased victims as 38-year-old Francisco Tanajara, 29-year-old Eric Oberholtzer, and 28-year-old Andrew Sump.

Authorities quickly arrested 34-year-old Tyler Myers, who was also wounded in the shooting, on a complaint of first-degree murder.

Nearly a week after the shootout, police arrested 47-year-old Douglas Jacobs and Nicklus Sweet.

Now, investigators say a joint operation has landed 10 others connected to the incident behind bars.

  • Tyler Lewis Oklahoma City Police
  • Shane Overby Oklahoma City Police
  • Ryan Floyd Oklahoma City Police
  • Ricky Turpin Oklahoma City Police
  • Richard Kamm Oklahoma City Police
  • Raymond Stauffer Oklahoma City Police
  • Jefferson Girard Oklahoma City Police
  • Glen Knight Oklahoma City Police
  • Eric Samaniego Oklahoma City Police
  • Clayton Owens Oklahoma City Police
  • Mugshot of Tyler Myers
  • Douglas Jacobs, Oklahoma County Detention Center
  • Nicklus Sweet, Oklahoma County Detention Center

Officials arrested:

  • 44-year-old Glen Knight
  • 48-year-old Ryan Floyd
  • 48-year-old Richard Kamm
  • 35-year-old Eric Samaniego
  • 36-year-old Clayton Owens
  • 50-year-old Raymond Stauffer
  • 45-year-old Ricky Turpin
  • 27-year-old Tyler Lewis
  • 56-year-old Jefferson Girard
  • 35-year-old Shane Overby.

The suspects face complaints including accessory to murder, gang related offenses, and conspiracy to commit a felony.

The arrests were made by law enforcement officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department, U.S. Marshals Service, ATF, FBI, and Oklahoma Highway Patrol.