EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A China Healing Massage partial-owner and masseuse has been arrested on seven counts of sexual battery after he allegedly acted inappropriately during several women’s appointments.

According to court documents, 55-year-old Dehong “Tony” Lu was arrested September 9 on seven counts of sexual battery.

The arrest warrant shows several incidents occurring – dating back to June 25, 2022 – where Lu allegedly used the clients’ hands to touch his penis during the massages.

“She then felt [the masseuse’s] penis in her hand through his clothing while he continues to massage. She did not believe this was accidental, as he did not remove it and she felt him making a thrusting motion in her hand. This motion was not consistent with how he was moving his arms to give the massage,” one report states.

One of the victims talked to KFOR on September 7, less than a week after her appointment at China Healing Massage.

“I walked in and asked for an hour massage and a man said that he would do it. We went into the front room, started the massage and about 10 minutes into the massage he started just using one hand on my leg and I could hear his breathing picking up and noticed something was off and I could hear him touching himself,” the woman, Alex, told KFOR.

KFOR is not using the last name of the alleged victim.

News 4 also stopped by China Healing Massage on September 7 to speak with the business.

Lu was not on site, but an employee called a translator who was with Lu.

Through the translator, the masseuse told KFOR he has not conducted massages since the incident with Alex but is still a current co-owner of the parlor.

“In the process of doing the massage for that woman, he feeled an itch on one side of his leg, so he tried to scratch. What he’s doing is a misunderstanding,” the translator said the masseuse stated.

The translator added Lu is “not that kind of man,” that he is a hard worker and has a wife.

The translator also noted the masseuse has been in the massage therapy business for nearly 20 years.

However, Lu told KFOR through the translator this is not the first sexual allegation brought against him.

“So more than twice. Several times. Not more than four times,” the translator said.

Now, Lu is facing seven counts of sexual battery – police cite six incidents in 2022 and one in 2020.

The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering Principal Assistant, John Funderburk told KFOR China Healing Massage is not and has never been licensed through their board – neither is Lu.

Funderburk said there’s nothing the board can do regarding taking action against China Healing Massage nor Lu because neither are licensed by them.

Lu’s bond has been set at $500,000.