OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An accident in a metro parking lot Thursday turned into a lot more when police showed up.

MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said a woman and a passenger were drunk and driving around in a truck with eight kids in it. Some of them were in the cab, while some of them were in the bed.

“It was a very odd traffic stop, but thankfully everybody involved was okay, especially the children,” Knight said.

It was an odd traffic stop that got stranger as it went on. It started as a non-injury accident in a parking lot near Rockwell and Northwest Expressway.

“When officers arrived, the person in the parking lot indicated their vehicle had been hit, pointed out another vehicle, a truck driving through the parking lot of a business,” Knight said.

Police pulled that truck over. Inside was 27-year-old Erin Sweet and 30-year-old Vincent Hudson. However, they were not alone.

“There were approximately eight children either inside the truck or in the bed of the truck altogether. And these were very young children,” Knight said.

Their ages ranged from 4 to 13. The police report did not address if all the kids belonged to Hudson and Sweet.

As officers spoke to both, they knew they were drunk due to the smell of alcohol. The report states they were not being cooperative.

“In fact, at one point they began yelling for the children to basically run for their lives,” Knight said.

The report states Hudson told the kids, “The police are going to hurt you if you stay here.” The kids took off out of the truck in all directions near a busy street, according to Knight.

Officers were eventually able to corral all the kids and get them to safety.

“DHS became involved,” Knight said. “They were able to find a relative to place the children with. Both adults went to jail.”

Sweet got citations for driving without insurance and driving without a valid state drivers license as well as driving under the influence and child endangerment. Hudson was also arrested on complaints of child endangerment.