TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – Officials in Tulsa say a horrific case of child abuse led to a homicide investigation.

On Jan. 27, officers with the Tulsa Police Department were called to a home after receiving a call from a woman who said a child had been missing for several years and was possibly dead.

The woman said that Camille Lewis left her 13-year-old daughter to live with her in September. When the child arrived at the woman’s home, she said she was extremely thin and malnourished.

At the time, she said that Lewis claimed her 11-year-old son was dead.

Tulsa detectives interviewed the 13-year-old girl, who spoke about horrific abuse that lasted for more than a year.

The girl claimed that her mother and her stepfather, John Miles, would lock her and her brother in separate closets for days at a time, not feed them, and beat them.

Police claim that the girl said Miles would offer her food in exchange for sexual favors.

In March of 2021, she said she heard her mother crying and begging her brother to wake up. She said that Lewis told her that her brother had a seizure and died.

Initially, she said she thought her brother was buried in a park, but said she was told that Miles dug up the body and burned it in a barrel.

On Feb. 7, investigators arrested Lewis.

Detectives say she admitted to abusing the children and causing scars all over the girl’s body. However, she said that her son was not dead. Instead, she said he ran away two years ago and has not been seen since.

The next day, Miles was taken into custody.

Miles and Lewis were arrested on complaints of child abuse by injury and child neglect.

“Detectives are actively investigating this case, and at this time this is considered to be a homicide investigation. The remains of the brother have not been found. Charges could be amended depending the outcome of the investigation,” the Tulsa Police Department posted.