EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A theft at an Edmond Walmart led to two police officers almost getting hit by a fleeing car in the parking lot, according to the Edmond Police Department.

What followed was a pursuit reaching 90 miles per hour on city streets and law enforcement finding more than just stolen merchandise in the suspects’ vehicle.

Shianne Queen and Kevin Belvin were busted by Edmond police the night of March 31 after security at the Walmart, at 2200 W. Danforth Rd., allegedly caught Queen trying to steal $1,050.47 worth of merchandise.

Officials say Queen was able to escape the store and jump into her getaway car with Belvin at the wheel.

Police body cam and dash cam video showed an officer jumping out of the way of the speeding vehicle as the couple whipped out of the Walmart parking lot.

“And then we initiated a pursuit with speeds upwards of 90 miles per hour at one point,” reported Edmond Police Spokeswoman Emily Ward.

The police report said the high-speed chase went through residential neighborhoods and other business parking lots. The couple is said to have blown through stop signs and even drove into oncoming traffic.

After about five minutes, Queen and Belvin gave themselves up on Trail Ridge Rd. near Edmond Rd.

“I’m screwed, aren’t I?” Belvin can be heard asking the arresting officer on body cam video.

“Well, it wasn’t a very smart choice, man,” the officer responded. “Especially the part that you almost ran me over in the Walmart parking lot for a larceny. I’m not very happy about that.”

Another officer is heard on body cam saying he was almost hit in the Walmart parking lot as well.

Along with stolen merchandise, officers also report finding an illegal police radio scanner, meth and fentanyl in the couple’s car.

Edmond PD said among the complaints against the couple are eluding a police officer, endangering others, possession of drugs, failure to stop, larceny from building, obstruction of police officer, and unlawful use of radio capable of receiving police frequency.