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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – An Edmond woman has a warning for the community after falling victim to high-tech stalking.

She said someone placed an Apple AirTag under her car, seemingly in hopes of following her every move.

It’s a new stalking tactic that law enforcement is seeing all over the country. 

“The second I saw [the notification] on my phone, I was like, ‘Oh no, it’s happening to me,'” Ledlow said.

She tells KFOR she had already heard the horror stories of people using Apple’s new tracking device – the AirTag – to stalk people. 

She said on Dec. 15, her iPhone notified her that someone was tracking her car with the device.

By the time she found out at her home, almost an hour later, the AirTag was gone. A car shop helped her find the residue under the car where someone had taped it.

We asked her if she knows who put it there.

“Not really,” Ledlow responded.  “I think that scared me more because I don’t know this person and now they know what my car is and where I live.”

Shaken, she slept at her friends’ homes for the next few days. 

The Edmond resident is sharing her story so others are aware of this new potential danger.

“It just made me feel really anxious because I didn’t know who it was,” she said. “Obviously, it had already gone into my home and it already knew where I was at and it just made me feel gross.”

Ledlow notified the Edmond Police Department and they’re investigating. They have no suspects at this time.