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PURCELL, Okla. (KFOR) – A man survived and is recovering Tuesday after police say a suspect stole a work truck in Purcell and wrecked it while the victim was in the truck’s bed, getting tools.

Purcell police said Nathaniel Austin-Powell is alive and out of surgery, but he has several broken ribs and other accident-related injuries. This comes after police said Mario Berger allegedly stole and fled in his work truck while he was in it. Berger allegedly wrecked it as well, throwing Austin-Powell from the back of it. He was also ran over twice.

“The officers and the witnesses on the scene, when I got there, didn’t think that Mr. Powell would survive,” said Detective Sgt. Scott Stephens with the Purcell Police Department. “He was medi-flighted to Oklahoma City, but fortunately, they were able to get him through it.”

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Mario Berger

It was a scary moment at the Purcell intersection of Green Avenue and Wyatt Road Saturday afternoon. Berger allegedly ran a red light at high speeds with Austin-Powell in the bed.

“Another pickup truck that was making a left turn to go west on Wyatt Road and was already in the intersection making the turn and so they collided,” Stephens said.

Stephens said it all started just about a mile and a half away. Austin-Powell was working a job for his contractor and got in his truck bed to get some tools.

“And another man ran up, jumped in the cab of the truck and took off with him still in the back of the truck,” Stephens said. “Several people saw them traveling at a high rate of speed, going in and out of traffic.”

They eventually made it to the intersection of Green and Wyatt, where Berger allegedly ran the red light and hit the other truck. That is when Austin-Powell went flying from the back.

“The truck actually ended up running over him,” Stephens said. “Some of the witnesses say twice.”

Berger fled the scene, according to police. Witnesses pointed authorities to a concrete company across the street from where the wreck happened. That’s where they found Berger hiding out.

“He’s in the McClain County Jail on numerous charges, including kidnapping and stolen vehicle possession of CDS (controlled dangerous substance) and leaving the scene of an accident and various other traffic charges.”

When police asked Berger where he lived, he said he had been kicked out of where he lived and claimed to be homeless. The situation is still under investigation. Stephens said Austin-Powell is recovering in the hospital.