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GRADY COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Grady County Sheriff’s Office deputies are on the lookout for a third suspect involved in a massive theft ring.

Law enforcement has already made two arrests after uncovering a cache of weapons and drugs.

One of the suspects is a paroled felon, released 25 years before his sentence was served.

Samuel Mirich, 39, is suspected of being the kingpin in a multi-state crime operation.

Mirich was supposed to be behind bars serving a 35-year sentence for accessory to murder.

Grady County Deputies were called on March 1 to a trailer home on the county line between Grady and McClain counties.

Blanchard Police, Dibble Police and deputies from both counties were hot on the trail of a stolen car out of Texas.

Detectives found the stolen car, along with half a million dollars in stolen merchandise.

“They had everything hidden behind the trailer where you couldn’t see it from the road,” said Grady County Undersheriff Phil Blevins.

Officers stumbled on stolen motorcycles, stolen ATVs, stolen Polarises, stolen trailers and stolen flatbeds.

Officers had a search warrant, but had to return to the court to seek an additional warrant to cover all the drugs they found on the property.

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Grady County deputies seized a cache of guns during a theft ring bust.

There was 300 pounds of marijuana, two pounds of meth, trafficking amounts of Fentanyl, z-bars and others drugs.

“Every gun we found, every rifle, every shotgun, every pistol was not only fully loaded, but had the ammo in the pipe to shoot,” said Undersheriff Blevins.

As soon as deputies arrived on the scene, two suspects took off in a vehicle.

One of them was quickly identified as Mirich because the convicted felon had left behind his parole papers and a lease agreement naming him as the tenant of the property.

Mirich was charged with first-degree murder in 2006.

The Cleveland County charge was downgraded to a felony charge of accessory to murder.

Mirich served only 10 of his 35-year sentence.

He had his parole papers in the house and a lot of other paperwork that tied him to the location.

Police also say Mirich left behind his accomplice, 32-year-old Kimberly Siemens.

The family who owns the property had no idea their tenant was running a multi-state crime ring behind the fence.

Grady County issued an arrest warrant for Mirich, and last week the U.S. Marshals Service picked up the fugitive after a short chase in Northwest Oklahoma City.

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A Bible from Steve Hendrix to his mom, Grace Cloud.

“He was arrested and Miss Seimens was with him as well,” said Blevins. “She’d already gotten out (of jail). She’d been bonded out and was back with him.”

Grady County deputies are still searching for the third suspect in the case.

The owners of the property are searching for the owners of this family Bible:

The Bible was left behind, among a trove of other stolen goods.

The Bible appears to belong to Grace Cloud and Steve Hendrix and has an inscription from 1964.

UPDATE: Steve Hendrix called News 4 after this story aired on Wednesday March 17th. This bible was stolen from his family recently, and thanks to this news report and the Grady County Sheriff’s Office Task Force, the Hendrix family has been reunited with this special family bible.