OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City was evacuated Saturday afternoon after patrons believed they heard gunshots, but police later learned that the pops did not come from a gun.

An Oklahoma City Police Department official confirmed to KFOR that the mall was evacuated and that the incident was initially investigated as an active shooter situation.

However, as police further investigated, they learned that the loud booming sounds were not gunshots, but rather the sound of confetti canons being fired during a graduation celebration at a hair salon inside the mall, the official said.

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Emergency responders were called to Quail Springs Mall after loud sounds believed to be gunshots were heard inside. The sounds were actually confetti canons being fired. Image KFOR

The commotion caused panic among patrons, with several scrambling for safety and shelter.

A woman passed out and another woman fell and injured her knee, according to the official.

Oklahoma City Fire Department and EMSA personnel were at the scene treating those who were in need of help, the official said.

The official confirmed that there were no actual gunshots.

The mall has been reopened to patrons.

The official did not know if hair salon personnel obtained permission from mall security to fire the confetti canons.