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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A 16-year-old is accused of shooting and killing a grandmother and grandson in Oklahoma City.

Police arrested Gustavo Peralta on Saturday after a brief chase involving a vehicle belonging to one of the victims.

“It’s unclear exactly what the motivation is. Investigators are still trying to piece that together,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. 

Questions still remain days after police say 16-year-old Gustavo Peralta shot and killed 16-year-old Ramon Sosa and his grandmother, 52-year-old Angela Sosa.

Ramon’s body was first found Saturday afternoon at a home near S.W. 49th and May.

Witnesses told police Peralta had fled the scene.

“Family members were actually following the suspect,” said Quirk.

Officers caught up to him at a dead end near S.W. 5th and May.

“At which point, he was given commands,” Quirk said. “He fled on foot.”

Police say the vehicle Peralta was driving belonged to Angela Sosa. Inside, they found her body and it wasn’t long until they caught up to the suspect.

“Officers were able to locate our suspect who was almost completely submerged in the Oklahoma River, just aside from his nose and mouth,” said Quirk.

The home where the first victim was found belonged to the suspect but police do not know why he was there.

“It’s possible that they had some kind of history. It’s just not clear what that was at this point,” Quirk said.

Peralta was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on two counts of first-degree murder.