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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Police Department released surveillance video and body camera footage from the hostage situation at the Oklahoma County Detention Center Saturday. 

Police say inmate Curtis Williams was shot and killed after taking a detention officer hostage.

“I need Oklahoma City Police in the jail. The inmates have taken the keys, they have an officer hostage,” the 9-1-1 call said.

“You’ll hear the stress and the anguish in her voice as she’s trying to get help,” Chief Wade Gourley with Oklahoma City Police said.

In surveillance video, you can see the suspect get out of his cell and walk towards the detention officer, taking him down the stairs. He’s brought onto a table and stabbed by another suspect.

Later, you see the original suspect holding the detention officer at the top of the stairs with a makeshift knife to his throat.

Body camera video shows Oklahoma City police officers move in, shooting the suspect, and the detention officer falls down the stairs.

Police say this is the makeshift knife that was used.

“What they’re thinking is, they’ve got to come in, they’ve got to identify where that hostage is, and they’ve got to get the hostage out,” Gourley said.

He says there should be a system in place at the jail to deal with these types of situations before they get out of hand.

“The Oklahoma City Police Department should not be a response team to deal with situations in the jail. That’s not what we’re designed to do. In this instance we had no choice,” Gourley said.

Protestors were outside where the press conference was held, saying the inmate didn’t have to be killed and calling for the resignation of the police chief.

“Chief Gourley must go,” activist Michael Washington said.

“I’m not resigning when I leave here, I’ll retire. I’m a law enforcement officer with 32 years of experience and I’m not resigning. I’ve seen nothing here that would prompt that or why those calls would even be there, but I’m not resigning,” Gourley said.

“Why is it you didn’t negotiate long enough until that man was able to be dissuaded not to have done what he did?” Washington said.

“I respond with this video. That’s all I can do,” Gourley said.