EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — A police report has now been filed regarding the incident at Grove Valley Elementary after former teacher, Amanda Bristow, allegedly gave kids “medication.” A lot of the report is blacked out, but there are still some details about what allegedly happened.

The report said one family noticed something different about their child’s sleep pattern that went all the way back to last year.

It also said someone left a note to give a student their “medication.” That person felt uncomfortable giving medication, and later told school officials.

The report said administration looked into the situation and found “written authorization from five different parents” to give something like “a vitamin of some sort” to kids.

That written approval according to the report is against the “school’s board of directors even with written authorization.”

News 4 spoke to one parent in Amanda Bristow’s class on Tuesday and asked about the medication given to her son.

“I did question my son about it, I said, ‘did she ever give you any medicine?’ And he said she used to give them special gummies and then they would take a nap,” said Megan Longoria, a parent.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education told News 4 “no notification was received from Deer Creek on the incident nor what was in the gummies.”

A complaint was filed on September 17 making OSDE aware of the situation.

We also asked if OSDE keeps any record of written authorization from parents about medication.

OSDE said they “do not hold nor keep any local records of that.”

However, the Department of Education told News 4 districts are asked if they have “specific procedures to be followed in regard to administration of medicines” during their accreditation process that happens in the spring.

News 4 reached out to the Deer Creek School District Superintendent multiple times on Thursday by email, phone and going to the office to ask why a report was never made to OSDE, but we did not get a response.

News 4 also tried to get ahold of the former teacher. The text didn’t go through and she put the call to voicemail.

We reached out to OSDE again to ask about the protocol for a school reporting an incident and get a copy of the complaint they received on September 17. They wrote back and said they’re working on it and it will take some time.