OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – We’re learning more about the man who tried to get away from police by jumping into Lake Overholser, only to be pulled out later by the fire department dive team.

Turns out, he was no stranger to the law, and before his interaction with authorities Wednesday, police said he put fear into a nearby family.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department’s dive team pulled 24-year-old Christian Rolon-Medina out of Lake Overholser Tuesday as he tried to avoid an arrest.

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Christian Rolon-Medina in Lake Overholser. Photo from KFOR.

When the Fire Department officials arrived after being called to assist Oklahoma City police, Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson said he was on a branch that was hanging out over the water but wouldn’t come down. That branch broke and he fell in. Fulkerson said Medina told them he couldn’t swim.

“He was not really wanting our help,” Fulkerson said. “We were throwing him throw bags and doing different things that we could to try to assist him. Again, he was avoiding the throw bags. Ultimately, our swimmers made their way to him, assisted him back to the shore.”

Before this, information released Thursday in a police report states Medina was in a nearby neighborhood. He allegedly walked up to a woman’s home and asked for a drink out of a water hose. She told him no.

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Christian Rolon-Medina being loaded into an ambulance after being pulled out of Lake Overholser. Photo from KFOR.

According to the report, he then tried to take her car with the woman’s two kids still inside. The woman pushed him away and Medina allegedly tried to break into other homes in the neighborhood as he left that scene. Eventually, police found him near the lake, called OKC Fire to assist and they brought him to shore.

“It’s not every day that we assist a police department of someone who isn’t wanting our help,” Fulkerson said. “Typically, when we go on a water rescue, they’re happy that we’re there.”

Turns out, Medina was also wanted on a warrant out of Caddo County connected to a 2016 case where he entered a plea deal on accessory to murder. This was a robbery situation over some pain pills that left a man dead.

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Christian Rolon-Medina. Photo from Oklahoma County Detention Center.

“You don’t want to become a victim yourself,” Fulkerson said while talking about the dive team having to retrieve Medina in the water. “When people do things like that, it places us in danger as well.”

On top of the warrant, Medina is now facing potential charges of larceny of a vehicle, kidnapping and obstructing an officer.