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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Police are still trying to piece together the details Thursday after what took place Wednesday night when a mother and son shot at each other in a Northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex.

The shooting left 17-year-old Tayevion Henderson dead and his 38-year-old mother Tiffany Henderson clinging to life. Oklahoma City police said an argument caused the deadly exchange, but are unsure what caused the argument or why it escalated that far.

Neighbors said they are still shaken up about an incident they’ll never forget.

“We didn’t hear no arguments or anything, we didn’t hear any of that. All of a sudden, we just hear pop, pop, pop,” said Xavier Henley, a neighbor nearby the shooting. “I turned to my wife and I was like, ‘That’s gunshots. Someone just got shot.'”

Blood still stains the sidewalk just in front of Henley’s home where it all happened.

“That was terrifying for me,” he said.

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Tiffany Henderson

Two guns were found on scene along with Tayevion and Tiffany both suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

“I think that is horrible,” Henley said.

According to Henley, it was just a normal night with the family. When he heard the gunshots, he said he immediately feared for his wife and four-month-old son.

“I tried to get him into his room as fast as possible,” Henley said.

He talked to his neighbor shortly after the incident. Henley said that neighbor had a firsthand account of the aftermath.

“He was coming in just right there and said he saw him laying in the thing,” Henley said. “He said he thought he was pretty much dead.”

Other neighbors, like Michael Purvis, said his car was hit by a stray bullet.

“I’ve lived here a few years, but never have something happen like this before,” Purvis said.

As police continue to investigate what went down and why, neighbors said they are still trying to comprehend what happened themselves.

“I could never imagine killing my own family members,” Henley said.

Tiffany is still in critical condition. The district attorney will decide if any charges will be handed down after the investigation.