OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Police are searching for a man suspected of stealing a car with a child inside in Oklahoma City.  

“Unfortunately, it is another case that we have seen where somebody has left their car running in front of a convenience store only to have it stolen,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. 

Police responded to a stolen vehicle from the 7-Eleven convenience​ store on Portland Ave. around 11:15 Thursday night.

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The 7-Eleven where the incident occurred. Image KFOR

Officials say the 4-year-old child’s father left the car running with the kid inside.

“It appears that the suspect in the case was a passenger in another vehicle,” said Knight. “They had pulled up to get gas, and he noticed the car running, got out of one car and got into the other, and drove off with it with the child in it.”

Knight told KFOR there’s no indication that the male suspect knew a child was in there.

After the suspect realized the child was in the back ​seat, he stopped a short distance away and let the child out.

The 4-year-old was found near a Boost Mobile store on N.W. 23rd Street. 

“A person there that was a pedestrian out there saw the child and notified police,” said Knight. 

Authorities picked up the child unharmed. 

The stolen car was found near Meridian and I-40 Service Road later.

“It was unoccupied,” said Knight. “So, the suspect is still outstanding.”