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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Guns getting stolen from cars has been quite the issue for Oklahoma City police officers across the metro as of Monday.

Since Jan. 1, officers have investigated 57 firearms being stolen out of vehicles.

With the obvious dangers this can cause, the Oklahoma City Police Department is urging everyone to lock their guns up.

“It’s really the number one way that criminals get their hands on guns, at least how they’re able to steal them,” M.Sgt. Gary Knight said.

Of the 57 cases previously mentioned, the department said the majority of the vehicles targeted by criminals were left unlocked.

“It just takes a thief a second to reach in and get a gun in this day and time,” Knight said.

Knight added that it’s an issue the department continues to see with people leaving them on seats and consoles. Then, next thing they know, they’re gone.

He said guns that get stolen are also generally linked to other crimes.

“You name it, robberies, homicides, multiple shootings, all those kinds of things,” he said. “Oftentimes, those are perpetrated by people who have a stolen gun and this is exactly how they’re getting their hands on them.”

Now, police are urging people to remember the 9 p.m. routine: lock up your homes, lock up your cars and lock your weapons away.

“Any time a gun falls into the hands of a criminal, that’s going to be something that’s detrimental for society,” he said. “Take the time to take it with you. Lock it in your house, lock it in the trunk, put it somewhere where it’s just not an attractive target for a criminal who comes along.”