OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City woman was arrested after allegedly lying to family and friends about being held for ransom.

Officials say 37-year-old Lonnetta Lewis was arrested on a complaint of extortion by fear or threat.

Investigators say the case stemmed from a lost or missing persons report on March 28.

According to the arrest affidavit, a man called police to say that he was receiving strange messages from Lewis’ phone and was concerned for her safety.

“She fine for now If she don’t pay me mon-ey soon imma f*** this b**** up Don’t try and track her phone Mr. Wise guy I’m 2 steps ahead of you,” one of the messages read.

The victim asked how much Lewis owed, and the person responded with “1600.”

When the victim asked where the person would like to meet, he received a message saying, “no i will not meet you I’m not dumb Mr. Wise guy… Put the money in an en-velope and put in the mailbox at Her old home address. She don’t want you involved she begged me not to take money from you but you’re the only person who care to pay don’t try no cop b******* are you’ll regret it I PROMISE.”

Other friends also reportedly received similar messages.

As a result, police put a ping on Lewis’ phone.

She was found at a motel along I-35 and taken into custody.