OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A recent survey by SoonerPoll is shedding light on Oklahomans’ opinions of the indictment against Donald Trump in the classified documents case.

Donald Trump has been charged with 37 counts in relation to the mishandling of records at Mar-a-Lago as well as his efforts to block the government from recovering the documents.

Trump is facing 31 counts on the Espionage Act alone, with a breakdown of the documents detailing that most of them dealt with intelligence collected on foreign countries or American  military capabilities.

A recent poll shows Oklahomans are divided on the topic, mostly along party lines.

According to the poll (conducted June 1-4th among likely voting Oklahomans), 45.6% believe Trump should be indicted, 40.6% believe he should not be indicted, and 13.8% don’t know.

image of poll results
Polls results from SoonerPoll.com

The results show 83.2% of Democrats and >77% of Independents believe he should be indicted while 63% of Republicans believe he shouldn’t be indicted. Just about 20% of Republicans approved of the indictment.

SoonerPoll says Republicans were 59% of the total sample of likely voters in the survey and voters who identify as conservative were 55.3% of the overall sample.

SoonerPoll goes on to say 81.2% of voters who described themselves as “very conservative” opposed indicting Trump, while 44.6% of voters who described themselves as “somewhat conservative” opposed the indictment. As for “moderate” voters, 65.4% support the indictment.

Trump is expected in court at 3 p.m. Tuesday, June 13.

Read the full indictment here.