PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Pontotoc County correctional officer passed away from his injuries after falling during the ice storm. The same day he fell, the captain of the Ada Police Department also slipped and fell, breaking his neck.

“He was always one to crack jokes. I mean, any time he saw you, he had a joke,” said Audrey Cox.

Cox said her father, Kenny Fowler, was the comedic relief in the family. She said he was the jack of all trades at the Pontotoc County Jail.

“He started as a jailer and then moved to maintenance, transport, kind of whatever they needed,” said Cox.

She said on January 30th, during the ice storm, the temperatures were in the teens. Fowler went outside to salt the area, but he slipped and fell. Cox said he had a hairline fracture in his skull.

“He had hypothermia,” Cox. “They had to intubate him. And he we found out he had two brain bleeds, a subtracted hemorrhage and a subdural hematoma. And his brain was swelling.”

Fowler was taken to the hospital. Cox said the community helped pay for gas, meals, bills and hotel rooms so they could stay by Fowler’s side.

Cox said Fowler was very sedated, but at times he could open his eyes and nod his head.

Sunday, Cox said she got the call. Her father didn’t make it.

“They think that he had a blood clot and it just kind of traveled through and went to his heart,” said Cox. “I just feel kind of numb.”

Monday morning, deputies brought him home with a police escort.

The same day Fowler fell, January 30th, an Ada Police officer, Captain Casey Northcutt, also fell on the ice. Northcutt broke his neck.

“He was screaming for help and telling that he had no feeling in his arms or legs and that he felt like he was paralyzed,” said Tawanda Northcutt, his wife.

Tawanda said her husband is able to move again and can put weight on his legs, as long as he has help.

“He progresses everyday,” said Tawanda. “He has got the most courage to go through this.”

Tomorrow Northcutt is expected to be moved to a spinal rehabilitation center in Colorado. He may have to stay there for three months. To help cover medical expenses, his family has set up a gofundme.

Kenney Fowler’s service will be Wednesday at 1:00pm at the Trinity Baptist Church.