OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Playing games and gathering candy, kids with Positive Tomorrows got to have some Halloween fun Thursday morning in the Devon Rotunda.

It was nothing but, fun, smiles and Halloween happiness for the kiddos who attend the private, tuition free school that serves children and families experiencing homelessness. The school teamed up with Devon Energy for the event that let roughly 70 kindergarten through fourth graders get the chance to play carnival style games and collect some candy.

“Being able to have the kids here today and give them just a safe environment where they can come and hang out and have fun and be kids is really cool,” Mandy Fuller said. A board member with Positive Tomorrows.

“The best part about this morning, I think, was just watching the kids come off the bus and walk in this beautiful building and just be in awe of everything,” Margaret Creighton said. The President and CEO of Positive Tomorrows.

Creighton said the event is in its second year for the school that also helps families get housing, employment and maintain that employment. Events like these help expose the kids to the wider world. Just riding the escalators can be a new experience.

“Last year we had a kid come up to me and they were like, What is that thing? So, I was able to get security cleared and for our kiddos to be able to actually get on the escalator and ride up and down,” Creighton said.

These small goals help the kids learn, grow and achieve bigger goals.

“Those little things, those little pieces are the things that once our kids can do those things or experience those things that accomplish a goal, it helps them to know that goals are achievable for them and experiences are for them,” she said.

To learn more, visit positivetomorrows.org.