OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Oklahoma County has rejected the free offer of nearly 80 acres near Britton and Kelley.

“I don’t want to put the new jail near neighborhoods or near schools,” stated Carrie Blumert, District One Commissioner.

The search for a new Oklahoma County Jail site is narrowing down, but one question remains… where will it be built?

“We are really leaning towards moving the jail out of downtown because we need to include a lot of different support services,” said Blumert.

The county was offered free land near Harding Charter High School at Britton and Kelley Ave, but they turned it down.

“I just really don’t think putting a new jail there is the right fit,” explained Blumert.

Key factors for Commissioners include not just affordability, but also location to roads and utilities.

“Look at cost, utilities, access to transportation, how big the piece of land is,” added Blumert.

The list has now been narrowed down to six sites.

Two of them are close to Will Rogers World Airport.

The closest one to downtown is at I-40 and Douglas Blvd.

“An airport would be a great one. Airport also allows for expansion and we could do a justice center and and actually do this right instead of trying to piecemeal something together,” explained Myles Davidson, District Three Commissioner.

County Commissioners said they’re hoping to pick a spot by the end of next month.

“One of the things that we’re being diligent about is making sure that we do it right,” said Davidson.

The next board meeting will take place September 26th.