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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – As the threat of severe weather increases across Oklahoma, officials are encouraging everyone to get their storm shelters ready in case a storm turns tornadic.

During severe weather season, experts say it is important that families have everything ready before disaster strikes.

Officials with EMSA say every family should have the following items in their storm shelter or in a safe place in case severe weather hits.

  • A whistle
  • A permanent marker
  • A small radio, preferably a self-powered radio
  • A flashlight, preferably a self-powered flashlight
  • A medium-sized pack of batteries
  • Canned food or power bars
  • A hand-powered can opener
  • A few small plastic dishes and silverware
  • Two small blankets
  • A phone
  • A few water bottles
  • A first aid kit (Band-Aids, cloth, ect.)
  • Money (preferably small bills)
  • A car charger for your cell phone
  • Medicines
  • A spare set of keys to your vehicle and home
  • An extra change on clothes for each person
  • Anything you may need for pets
  • Anything you may need for children
  • A multipurpose/knife.

Organizers say if space is an issue, than prioritize the list by thinking about what you will need to survive the next 24 hours.