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WASHINGTON, D.C. (KFOR) – President Donald Trump is addressing the backlash Oklahoma Governor, Kevin Stitt is facing after posting photos inside a crowded restaurant Saturday night amid social distancing protocols for the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Monday during a press conference, Trump was asked about the post Stitt tweeted then deleted.

REPORTER:  Mr. President, any comment on what people like Devin Nunes and the Governor of Oklahoma have been saying?  Encouraging people to go out to restaurants and it goes directly against the advice and your guidelines says.

PRESIDENT: No I haven’t heard that, I haven’t hear that from Devin or anyone else.

REPORTER:    Should they stop saying that?

PRESIDENT:  Well I have to see what they said. 

REPORTER:  They encouraged people to go to restaurants if they felt ok…with their families. 

PRESIDENT: Well, I would disagree with it.  Right now we don’t have an order, one way or the other.  We don’t have an order, but I think it is probably better if you don’t.  Especially in certain areas. Oklahoma doesn’t have a tremendous problem. You said the Governor of Oklahoma?

REPORTER:   The Governor of Oklahoma, Devin Nunes was another.

PRESIDENT Yeah, well – I hadn’t heard that. 

REPORTER:  Should they NOT be doing that? 

PRESIDENT  We should do what the professionals are saying.

REPORTER:   And what you are saying in your guidelines…people shouldn’t be going to restaurants.

PRESIDENT: I’ll take a look at it, absolutely.

Governor Stitt has yet to address the conflict.

However, he did declare a state of emergency for all 77 Oklahoma counties less than 24 hours after the tweet.