OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After three days of witness testimony, the state rested its case Thursday in the trial of a former OU student accused of beating his pregnant then-girlfriend, Ally Stephens, in October 2020.

Gage Ford was charged with two felony counts of assault and battery for the incident.

The defense team called for the charges to be dropped to misdemeanors, claiming the prosecution had not provided enough evidence to show the alleged assault showed an intent to kill; that request was denied.

Gage Ford entering the courtroom Thursday. Photo from KFOR.

The judge in the case, Thad Balkman, told KFOR the range of punishment in the case if Ford is convicted is very broad, and he could face life in prison for both counts.

Additional witness testimony Thursday included accounts from a doctor, a detective, a domestic violence advocate and a nurse that conducts domestic violence evidence examinations.

Stephens was rushed to the hospital in October of 2020 covered in bruises and other signs of abuse, including severe swelling, a closed head injury and a concussion.

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This is what prosecutors said Ally Stephens looks like when she showed up to the hospital in October 2020.

Prosecutors said she was sixteen weeks pregnant at the time, and alleged Ford was trying to make her lose the baby.

During her testimony, the nurse told the courtroom the injuries she witnessed on Stephens were among the worst she had ever seen.

Prosecutors also attempted to show a pattern of abuse, presenting additional testimony from another alleged victim of Ford, detailing four different instances of abuse going throughout 2021.

When asked by prosecutors why she did not alert authorities, she said she was “scared, in denial, and too afraid to press charges, at the time.”

She is not being identified to protect her identity.

The jury will come together Friday morning for instructions before convening to deliberate Ford’s fate.