KINGFISHER COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Kingfisher County prosecutors are asking a judge to withhold bond for the suspect accused of executing four Chinese Nationals at a 10-acre marijuana grow in Lacey.

“I want to stay here, whatever how long I will have to stay in jail, I don’t care. But if I go back to Oklahoma, I will be killed in the prison or jail,” said Wu Chen through a translator to a Florida judge.

Chen told the judge he was terrified to be extradited back to Oklahoma saying “mafia” members would kill him, after the brutal execution-style murder of four people at the farm. Despite his pleas, the 45-year-old was sent back to Oklahoma.

Despite his pleas, the 45-year-old is now inside the Kingfisher County Jail, where prosecutors want him to stay. They said if Chen makes bond “The witnesses he has left alive would be in very real danger” because Chen is allegedly “ready to take a human life at a moment’s notice.”

“This [attack] does not appear to be random,” said Brook Arbeitman, spokeswoman for the OSBI.

The state says at the grow on November 20th, Chen “demanded $300,000 be handed over to him” “as a return of his portion of his ‘investment.’”

However, the cash wasn’t handed over fast enough, allegedly leading Chen to start firing. OSBI agents said he killed four people “in a matter of minutes.” They said he “shot and wounded a fifth, and took shots at, but missed, a sixth.”

Investigators said Chen was involved in an industrial-scale grow that the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics says was being operated illegally.

“That license was obtained for that farm through fraud,” said Mark Woodward with the OSBN.

Prosecutors say Chen could flee the country if given bond.

After the executions, Chen drove to Miami, where investigators point out there are several flights to China.  It is also close to Cuba, “with which the United States has no criminal extradition treaty.”

Mugshot of Wu Chen
Wu Chen. Image courtesy Miami-Dade County Corrections

A couple days after the killing, Chen was arrested by US Marshals.

Chen is now facing four counts of 1st Degree Murder and one Assault and Battery with a deadly weapon.

Since the video was published News 4 has learned the names of the victims:
Quirong Ling
Chen He Chun
Chen He Qiang
Fang Hui Lee