EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – One Edmond vendor might be out of luck if the City of Edmond moves forward with a new ordinance for permits.

He is one of many in Edmond who set up pumpkin and Christmas tree stands for the holidays, but he soon might have to choose between one or the other.

Tanner Justice says he loves what he does and doesn’t want to be forced to stop, so he is trying to find a solution that works best for both him and the city.

“What I’m here for is seeking a permanent solution regarding the permit requirements that would possibly end this 30 plus year tradition that’s been going on for the citizens of Edmond,” Tanner Justice, Owner said.

Image courtesy KFOR
Image courtesy KFOR

A tradition going back generations, the keys to the stand then being passed down to Tanner 5 years ago, but it could all go away with one swing of the gaval.

“So, in this new form, we would only be able to get one 30 day permit throughout the entire season, which would cut pumpkins in half and eliminate Christmas trees altogether, or allow for maybe Christmas trees, but eliminate pumpkins altogether,” Justice said.

The possibility of a new ordinance toward permits for the owners of these stands is on the table.

“We have been having some conversations about bringing his business into compliance or changing the code to meet his businesses requirements,” Kory Atcuson, Edmond City Clerk said.

Without knowing, Tanner has been operating outside of the current ordinance, being allowed to use multiple permits within 6 months.

“Unfortunately, his model of business as far as the frequency of use is not necessarily covered under the current language,” Atcuson said.

He adds that Tanner will still be able to finish out this year with how he has been running things and any changes made to the ordinance won’t affect anyone until next year. However, Tanner is hoping for a positive outcome.

“We have talked with city council and I have had the privilege of meeting with the mayor and some other people, and I look forward to having a positive outcome from this,” Justice said.

Kory says the Edmond City Council will continue to have discussions about a solution that can benefit both parties. There is no timeline on when a decision will be made, but he says they will reach a conclusion before the end of summer next year.