PURCELL, Okla. (KFOR) – A Purcell man is facing nine felony charges — accused of ramming his pickup truck into a vehicle with a family of five in it, and then returning later in a drive-by shooting, firing shots at the family’s vehicle and home. Police report that two of the people in the line of fire were minors, only four-years-old and six-months-old.

On the night of October 15, the family was driving home from dinner in their Ford Expedition. They said as they neared their home on Whippoorwill Dr. in the Southway Mobile Home Park, Edgar Ochoa-Aleman rammed into them with his yellow Dodge Ram pickup truck, pushed their SUV with it, and then drove off.

KFOR spoke with one of the victims on Friday. Court documents said she was in the SUV with her husband, brother and her four-year-old and six-month-old children. 

Her family told Purcell Police Department officers they went into their home and about two hours later more terror struck when they heard bullets hitting their parked SUV and home.

“Because they sounded really loud,” the woman told us of the gunshots.

Purcell PD is accusing Ochoa-Aleman of the drive-by shooting, officers finding three bullet holes in the home and 11 bullet holes in the family’s SUV, its rear window also shattered.

The victims said as they took cover in the home, the four-year-old was in tears.

“Because of the fear, because the moment we heard the shots, what I did was take her off of the bed and lay her on the ground,” the woman said.

They told officers they had a falling out with Ochoa-Aleman about three years earlier and the 29-year-old has harassed them ever since. 

He’s now behind bars, the family saying they’re still shaken from the latest encounter with him.

“Because my daughter started to cry from fear,” the woman explained. “My daughter is now better. There are times where she says she’s scared that the ‘yellow truck’ is coming, that’s what she calls it.”

Ochoa-Aleman is facing five felony charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and four felony charges of use of vehicle in discharge of weapon.