Update: 11/08/2023 4:07 p.m.

Putnam City Schools provided an update on the investigation into the loaded weapon being brought onto campus.

The letter below was sent to parents on Nov. 8.

Putnam City North Families,
We are sending you this letter today to follow up on the weapon violation incident at Putnam City North from yesterday, November 7th. Our intention with this letter is to provide additional information on the ongoing investigation and to comfort our Panther families that we always take incidents seriously and are already reviewing and adapting procedures to provide additional safeguards.

Foremost, we are thankful for the diligence and thoroughness of our Putnam City Campus Police
Department. At this time, we have determined that one out of the five weapon detection system entry stations was not responsive during morning arrival. That was swiftly corrected by our Campus Police as well as the system manufacturer. Additionally, we are working to determine how the weapon was brought onto the campus and if it was done through an alternative entry point where a weapon detection system is not present. However, regardless of how it was brought on campus, we have recognized the need to identify all possible entry points and taken steps for additional procedures in order to prevent entry into schools outside of the areas with weapon detection systems.

Furthermore, Campus Police is continuing to investigate the actions and timeline of events of all
involved. That being said, we want to commend our Campus Police and Administrators for immediately taking action upon being notified of the weapon, locating the suspected student, apprehending the weapon, and returning the campus to normal operations within a matter of minutes.

We are thankful for our highly-qualified Campus Police Officers and their coordinated teamwork with our Administrators.
Lastly, safety is our number one priority and this includes timely, honest, and accurate
communication between the District and our families, students, and staff. Above all, we are proud of how our students, staff, administrators, campus police, and parents have handled the situation, asked the tough questions, but most of all stuck together to ensure that we can all Go Boldly together and be PC
Proud through-and-through. Thank you.

-Putnam City Schools Administration

Original Story

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Putnam City Public Schools says one of its high school students was arrested Tuesday morning after being found in possession of a loaded handgun.

It is protocol for all students entering the school to go through a weapons detection system according to AJ Graffeo, Director of Communications for Putnam City Schools.

Graffeo tells News 4 the campus police is still investigating the incident.

Putnam City Public Schools sent the following message to district families:

This morning it was reported to Putnam City North High School administration that a student
had a weapon on campus. The school went into lockdown while school administration and campus police investigated. The student was promptly located and checked using a handheld metal detector where a loaded handgun was found. Campus police immediately took possession of the weapon and placed the student under arrest. The lockdown was released and classes resumed.
A student in possession of any type of weapon on school property violates District Policy BE for
weapons and District Policy EH for student conduct. This situation will be addressed according to
Putnam City District Policy and State Law.
The safety and security of our Putnam City students, staff, and campuses is our number one priority. We thank our PCN students and staff for their diligence and cooperation during this incident.
We encourage families to take this opportunity to talk with your student about school safety, as well as remind them to report any unsafe situation or behavior to an adult. If you see something, say something. Thank you

Putnam City Administration

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