OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma school district is implementing a new weapon detection system at its high schools.

Putnam City Public Schools announced that it will use a new Weapon Detection System at Putnam City High School, Putnam City North, Putnam City West, and Putnam City Academy.

Officials say the non-invasive system is designed to detect weapons either on a person or inside their bag or backpack without slowing the normal flow of foot traffic into our buildings.

“This system has proven to be effective at detecting weapons and we’re confident its use will make our schools safer. Our Campus Police Department and building administrators have been fully trained and are prepared to put the system to use this week,” Putnam City Campus Police Chief Mark Stout said.

Beginning Jan. 31, all students will pass through the system at the start of each school day. It will also be used at athletic events.

“The safety of our students, employees and guests is our top priority. Our District Safe Schools Committee researched and recommended this system and we’re proud to have it in place to help protect our schools.  We’re grateful to our Board of Education for approving the purchase and use of this system,” said Putnam City Schools Chief Communications Officer Jeff Bardach.