NOBLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Questions are still looming after a man was found dead inside a Noble home Wednesday evening. At first, Cleveland County deputies called it a home invasion. Now, the story is changing.

“Nothing’s happened on this road in years,” said a fearful nearby resident, with her friend by her side.

The two women were too fearful to show their faces on camera, after someone was killed in their neighborhood, near 148th St. and Cemetery Rd.

“We don’t want to have to be in a position where someone is in our front yard or in our house,” said the other woman.

Around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Cleveland County deputies said they were called to the Sooner Country Store, just up the road. A customer had come in, covered in blood.

“A customer came in and said there was a gentleman out in the parking lot that had been shot,” said Eva Helm, the convenience store clerk. “He couldn’t speak English.”

Helm rushed outside to translate. The man who needed help had a brother in the back of a car. He had been shot. Eva said the man’s father, was also shot at a home nearby. The family was from Cuba.

“The guy who did the shooting shot his dad. And as the brother was leaving, he shot him in the back. Told him if he didn’t leave, he was going to shoot him too,” said Helm. “He said that he held his dad in his arms, and he died in his arms.”

After deputies arrived, investigators were led to the home on 148th Street.

“The cops just came blazing down the road,” said one of the unnamed women.

“They were at the end of our road with guns drawn,” said the other.

On Wednesday night, deputies called this a home invasion with the homeowner firing shots. That’s a story the two neighbors never believed.

“You’re not going to drive this far down this road and pick one house and say ‘lets rob them,’” said one of the women.

By Thursday, investigators said the language barrier caused them to release false information.

Now, deputies are calling this a murder investigation, with a suspect in jail.

“I just feel a lot of hurt for them, for the young man that this happened to,” said Helm.

No names have been released.