NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A University of Oklahoma student has moved out of her Norman home after a racist message was spray painted on the garage door. 

The Norman Police Department is investigating the disturbing incident that happened either late Thursday or early Friday on the 1900 block of Elmhurst Dr. on the southeast side of the city.

Racist graffiti on the garage door of the student’s home said, “I hate n******.”

“We consider it a hate crime,” said Capt. Eric Lehenbauer with Norman PD.

Junior political science and psychology student Kiley Ellis said in addition to the racist graffiti, the vandal also broke her front window.

“I was very offended,” she said. “I was terrified at the fact that someone could have very easily gotten into the house and hurt me just because of my race, something I genuinely can’t change.”

The 20-year-old told KFOR she has experienced racism in Norman before.

 “I’ve had people say things to me before, but never vandalized my home, never try to break anything,” she explained.

After this startling episode, both she and her roommate have moved out of the home, no longer feeling it’s safe to live there in case the vandal returns.

“I feel like if you can destroy someone’s property, you can hurt someone without a care in the world,” she said.

Capt. Lehenbauer said at least seven other homes and businesses were vandalized that night in the area, with black spray paint also found on cars, street signs, and sidewalks, but said Ellis’ home was the only one with the racist messaging.

“If I had a daughter that was living away from my home, going to school and had hate messages spraypainted on her house and her window broken, I’d be concerned as well,” he said.

Norman PD does have suspects. They say they’ll continue to investigate.

Meanwhile, Ellis has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her unexpected moving expenses.