OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A suspect is in custody and a stolen barbecue competition trailer is back in the right hands after a man reached out to a local radio station for help.

“I don’t know if you guys can say this on the air or not, but my trailer, my competition trailer, was just stolen and you can’t miss it,” said Greg Scallan on a phone call with KJ103. “I compete in BBQ competitions and I’m opening my restaurant this summer, and that trailer was what I was converting into a food truck trailer. It’s all I have!”

“That’s not an every morning thing,” said DJ and radio host TJ Brown.

At 6 a.m. Thursday, Scallan made a desperate attempt to save his BBQ competition trailer. Minutes before the call, a neighbor woke Scallan up to tell him the trailer that was left locked in his Oklahoma City driveway was gone.

“I frantically grabbed my phone, my keys and drove down the street to try to locate him, [then] called 911,” Scallan told News 4. “I thought, you know, ‘It’s gone, and I got to find it.’”

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Greg Scallan’s stolen barbecue competition trailer.

However, Greg knew he needed to widen the search. His answer came through his car speakers while listening to TJ, Janet and J-Rod in the morning on KJ 103.

“Call 911! Yes please! Call 911! It’s everything I have,” he said.

“I heard the desperation in his voice,” said TJ Brown. “My heart is breaking for this guy.”

KJ 103 took to Facebook and Twitter, posting about Scallan and his stolen trailer. The word took off and tips came flooding in.

“I saw it going west on I-40 about five minutes ago,” said a listener who called in.

“Thank you! I’m going to call the police! Thank you very, very much!” said Scallan.

“Okay thanks, Greg! Good luck buddy!” said the radio hosts.

“As each person would call, you’re putting a mental pin in that map of where this vehicle is heading,” said Brown.

Just about two hours after Scallan first called, a break in the case came through.

“I just got a phone call from a lady out of nowhere that said the trailer pulled up into her house in Union City,” said Scallan on the radio.

Union City Police confirmed the suspect, Jordy Maldonado, dumped the trailer off in the woman’s driveway Thursday morning.

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Jordy Maldonado

The homeowner, who didn’t want to go on camera, told KFOR she thought the story was fishy. She had more questions about the trailer, so she looked up the name printed on the side of the trailer, “Compete BBQ”. That’s when she saw all the posts about the theft.

“She contacted 911! They’re on their way to meet me there,” said Scallan on the radio.

Union City police later caught up with and arrested Maldonado.

However, the trailer that Scallan had already spent $3,000 on to convert into competition truck took a beating.

“He was dragging it down a street, so he had ripped the trailer jack off it. You could see it looked like where he hammered all the locks off of it. He actually blew a tire out,” Scallan told News 4.

Greg said repairs will cost around $500.

Meanwhile the radio crew said they’re elated Scallan has his trailer back.

“I mean, I’d be sick right now if he would’ve lost it forever,” said Brown.

“This does not happen without KJ 103, withought everybody sharing and calling. You guys are amazing. You made this happen,” said Scallan on the phone during the radio show.

Scallan told News 4 he’s hoping to turn this negative into a positive, especially during this holiday season. He said he will be putting 50 percent of his profits towards Christmas presents for children through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.