OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The recount is on.

Last week, Oklahoma County District Attorney candidate Kevin Calvey demanded that the votes be recounted following the primary election.

Calvey earned 26,975 votes (50 percent) in the race.

He is set to go into a runoff election on Aug. 23 against Gayland Gieger, who obtained 12,548 votes (23 percent) in the primary.

Calvey was just 30 votes short of avoiding a runoff election, and he wants the votes recounted.

“As we know all too well, our election process is not above the occasional mistake — especially machine-counting mistakes,” Calvey said. “Our campaign is just doing its due diligence to ensure all valid votes were included and counted correctly. We will work with the County Election Board so voters can rest assured this election will be reviewed for 100% accuracy.”

On Wednesday, a judge ruled in favor of the recount.

Right now, employees are counting the ballots at the Oklahoma County Election Board.