OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Despite the cold weather, volunteers across Oklahoma City are outside blessing families in need this Christmas Eve.    

The Red Andrews Christmas dinner has been a tradition since 1947, bringing warm meals and toys to families in need each year.  

Saturday, several stopped by the Santa Fe South Charter School for the big giveaway.  

“It’s been a tough year for a lot of people, and they need what we have. So, I’m out here kind of directing these awesome little elves and we’re distributing food and toys to the ones that need them,” said Helen Brown, volunteer.  

Several volunteers were outside Saturday morning distributing food and toys to those in need. 

“It’s a little chilly, but it’s better than Friday… I’m very

blessed and I’m so glad I’m here and I’ll be back,” said Brown.  

One mother and son have been volunteering now for six years.  

“We’ve loved doing this. We always believe that this is the real reason for the season is giving back. And so, we’ve had a wonderful experience and I just love being out here with all these people who volunteer their time and give back to the community,” said Krystle Curry, volunteer. 

This year, the tradition was looking a little different as the toys and dinner are not on Christmas day, and the meals and toys were placed in the trunk of cars due to COVID.  

“It makes me feel good when we’re giving food back to the people and making stuff. And then after the fact, it’s like, I’m glad I did that and it makes you want to do it again. So, we’ve been doing it for six years, been doing it for a long time, and I just look forward to keep doing it because it makes me feel good,” said Lium Depri Curry, volunteer.  

The weather did not stop the Curry’s from helping.  

“So many families are going to be blessed. There are a lot of families that are in need and they are definitely being blessed today. And so, I think that’s the impact that a lot of these families are going to have. Some of them may not have, you know, the food or the toys or the necessities to celebrate the holidays,” said Curry.  

The Red Andrews Christmas Dinner is always looking for volunteers and donors. If you’d like to help make an impact, Contact Mary Blankenship Pointer at marybpointer@gmail.com or (405)886-2886.