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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A registered sex offender in Edmond was arrested on Friday night after attending his own child’s birthday party, where he was illegally surrounded by children.

“Doug Davis had been on my radar for quite some time,” said Brian Bates.

Local private investigator Brian Bates had been looking into registered sex offender Doug Davis for years before this happened on Friday night.

“I received information from some parents that Mr. Davis was getting ready to host a child’s birthday party at a local trampoline park,” Bates said. “Sure enough, his truck’s parked out front.”

“Plenty of children around, dozens.”

Bates called 911. Edmond police quickly responding.

“The reason he was there was he was actually putting on his daughter’s birthday party,” said Emily Ward, with the Edmond Police Department. “He told us he believed he could be there because he was not loitering.”

Bates captured the arrest on his cellphone.

Davis was put into handcuffs, and into the back of an Edmond police car.

“Most of the time, these people who are registered, they’ve been through a process and they should be very aware of what they can and cannot do. So, in this case, he probably should have been aware that he should not have been there,” Ward said.

Back in 2009, Davis was arrested for raping a 15-year-old-girl.

“He was a youth minister at a Baptist church. He met his victim when she was only 8-years-old. He then groomed that victim for the next five years,” Bates said.

That crime landed him in prison and on the national sex offender registry.

Now, he lives in a southeast Edmond neighborhood.

“This park that’s behind me wasn’t here then. Once he moved in and Edmond authorities notified neighbors that a sex offender had moved into the area, the neighbors came together and literally overnight donated money to build this park so that no additional sex offenders could move here,” Bates said.

Davis was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail early Saturday morning. He bonded out just before noon.

Bates says Doug Davis now works as a contractor. He says if you suspect he has done work inside your home, with children present, contact Edmond police.