OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A new computer upgrade at the Oklahoma County Jail is causing delays for inmates getting out of jail.

The jail said changing everything over to a new computer system has been in the works for awhile, and the plan is to transfer from a system connected to the county to one only inside the jail.

“Everything is now going to be into a system like a handheld kind of a tablet and cell phones, too, as well, they’ll be able to utilize the new wi-fi system that they’re putting into as well. So once this thing is all done, this is going to make this system in this place really more efficient. Unfortunately, right now it’s in the process of doing it,” said Mark Opgrande, the Communications Director at the OK County Jail.

The official switch started on Thursday, which is why those who bonded out over the last few days were delayed in physically getting out of jail.

Opgrande said the new system will make booking inmates and getting people out of jail a lot more efficient, but as they work on the new system, people like Heather Vaughan are having to wait longer to leave after paying a bond.

News 4 asked her when she found out her bond had been paid.

“I found out 24 hours after I got here. I was still down in a holding cell,” said Vaughan.

Nearly five days later, Vaughan was released from jail.

She said during that time, she was never told why the process was taking so long.

“They wouldn’t tell me anything. They just said to contact my people…to contact my people,” said Vaughan.

The jail said as they navigate through the new system, the back log of inmates leaving could get long.

“If you have a lot of people, it’s going to take a while to get there to the end. It’s maybe it’s 15 minutes per person. So if you’re number 30, it’s going to be several hours before we can get to that system,” said Opgrande.

News 4 asked how long the jail could see delays before the new system is officially up and running with no problems, but as of now, there’s no set date.